Sunday the 28th of May

The next step:


There were lots of individual white hairs (fur) overlapping the orange areas. I forgot to indent them and when I remembered I couldn’t be bothered πŸ™‚ So I used gouache to do the work for me.


I was aware of those folds in the upper left corner when I started with the kitty but I ignored it. As the work progressed, the folds felt too visible to ignore. Normally, I wouldn’t use a paper with a fault except for sketches etc,. So now the fold is there, what’s a girl to do?

I used an iron. Honest! Set to low and ironed that corner, on the back side. Although I was terrified, it worked. The fold isn’t that noticeable now, is it? I lightened the image so you may be able to see the difference.

20170511_125520 copy

Cropped and ready:KITTYWPRESS

Still haven’t a title. Suggestions please πŸ™‚






Friday the 19th of May

My latest: I wanted to try this one entirely in pastel but the dust and that sound pastel pencils make on paper…. I just couldn’t continue. (I love pastels and art done with them but the medium isn’t working for me.) So after the first layer, I started using colored pencils.
The reference picture had kitten sitting on fabrics. I opted to leave out the details of the fabric. How I started out with pastels:

The eye was mostly done with pastels. I used ultramarine blue, blue grey, black, dark umber, white. For the ears, the colors carmine, brown ochre, flesh and white were used.

Any suggestiions for a title?

Saturday the 1st of April

It’s been a year since my last post?! Did time go by quickly or was I just lazy to post? No, not lazy. I started several paintings, abandoned most of them. Culprits : negative thoughts and the need for perfection, even in a sketch….

Nonetheless, I completed this one:


“Shooting Star”

The model is my cat Michelle Cappuccino who turned 3 this month. The panel used for the painting is from a shelf of an old cupboard dismantled years ago. ‘Tickle, tickle’, another painting, was also doneΒ on shelf wood panel.

The story of the painting: One day Michelle was sniffing around in a garden, getting weirded out by sights and sounds as she usually does πŸ™‚ Suddenly, she senses something. She looks up to see her first shooting star whizzing past!


Wednesday the 27th of January

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you

You ought to know by now how much I love you..’

For some reason, I found myself singing this song in the shower this morning (if you can call 11:oo am morning!) And I couldn’t help but think aloud, “yeah, right!”

‘The world may change my whole world through but

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you…”

“Sure!” I laughed. I am not criticizing the lyrics. I love the song, and I love ‘love’. The dreamy-eyed, love-sick teenager in me never died. What I am wondering here is how can someone be so sure of something? People tell this to other people in real life, y’know? “I love you, my feelings will never change for you, I’ll be always there for you, (oh, here’s my favorite) don’t compare me to your ex – you can trust me..”

Very young people, I can understand but past 30 and 40-somethings, really? Having been through a divorce, when I hear things like that, I am tempted to say, ‘..dude, don’t make promises you can’t keep…’ And having depression, I am very aware of how fickle feelings can be (yes, depression sufferers, a fog clearing does happen and I think it’s more towards the end, of depression. Not sure, I am not a certified therapist. But the awareness does arrive.)

My question is don’t the non-depression sufferers know that feelings are just that, feelings? Why don’t they doubt it? And I am talking about men here (mostly) – why do they say they will be there for you no matter what. Doesn’t it cross their minds that they could very well meet another woman, or they might discover a new career or God or they might just keel over clutching their chests?

I am not being derisive here – I am genuinely amazed at people’s ability to make promises. By now, you might be thinking, ‘gee, trust issues much?’ Yes, probably and abandonment issues too. God help my next husband!

So, past December was a nightmare. Even so, I started more than a couple paintings and drawings and finished none. I feel I am in a state of flux. I sense changes within me from week to week. Good changes. So here is one, a colored pencil/watercolor piece, that I was working on a few weeks ago until I put it away. Not sure if I will complete it.

forwordpressSo till next time, bye. I would like to apologize if my words offended any one – it was not my intention to do so.


Friday the 4th of December

I have been experimenting and here’s one I tried with marker pens (Letraset Flex Marker). Markers first, colored pencils on top.


The reference is not a royalty free photo so I don’t intend to finish this one. It was just an experiment. Here I used the colors : Light Fawn, Blush and Cinnamon and some Nutmeg.


I started layering with colored pencils, above.

The problem with markers is, yup you guessed it, the smell. If you are okay with it, it’s quite a nice medium. Expensive though – each pen will cost you Dhs 10/-Β 20151024_133243

Until, next time my dear readers. Take care. And keep toxic people out of your life πŸ™‚


Tuesday the 20th of October

So this is how the recent commission had looked midway (I had put morning glories in her hair – a Lefebvre-nymph style):


I thought I’ll write a post on how I managed to edit out the flowers:

  1. First, I asked myself why did I have to experiment in the first place?
  2. Then, I called myself an impulsive idiot.
  3. Sighing and armed with a green tack (Faber Castell multipurpose adhesive putty), I dabbed out as much as pigment I could from the flowers.
  4. Then, using a regular eraser I gently rubbed out the colors that didn’t come out with the tack. For the really dark colors, I used a battery powered eraser (Derwent).
  5. Since her hair is black, going over the spaces of the absent flowers was easy. I resisted the temptation to press hard with the browns and blacks.

I want to try flowers- in-the-hair again, not very soon though. Take care everyone. Till the next post, bye.

Wednesday the 30th of September

Couple weeks after the last blog post, I started work on a portrait I was commissioned to do for my sister’s friend. Even though the going was slightly rough, I enjoyed it. My client was satisfied, the portrait and money exchanged hands. Everything was fine for the next three days – I mean my mood. Then it hit – depression. I don’t know if it was depression returning or worsening or if it was an episode. Maybe the term depressive episode is more apt. Will clarify with doctor.

The episode didn’t happen just like that (there were reasons) and the past two weeks were really baaaad! In my desperate search for relief from the emotional pain, I searched the Internet (where else) for answers. My doctor had forbidden me to do this because some, if not most, Internet information on depression are not reliable. I remembered this and although I did read a few dozen articles, I looked for books on depression. I came across an audio book on youtube – The Mindful Way Through Depression. Here is the link:

I don’t know what to think of the book but it gave answers for a lot of my mental and emotional distress. Very interesting. Even if you don’t have depression, it may help you to understand a relative or a close friend who is suffering.

I feel a little better now – hence the new post πŸ™‚ But you know what? From now on, I am going to post no matter my mood. The posts might be less cheery, that’s all! So, with my client’s permission, here is the portrait I did:

11"X14" Colored pencil on paper

Colored pencil on paper

For some inexplicable reason (i think it is called inspiration), midway through the work, I put morning glories in her hair – a Lefebvre-nymph style. Then I srcubbed the flowers away and went back to the original path. I took a picture of it though and am going to put it on my Facebook page.

That’s it for today. Till next time, take care and remember to breathe….