Tuesday the 20th of October

So this is how the recent commission had looked midway (I had put morning glories in her hair – a Lefebvre-nymph style):


I thought I’ll write a post on how I managed to edit out the flowers:

  1. First, I asked myself why did I have to experiment in the first place?
  2. Then, I called myself an impulsive idiot.
  3. Sighing and armed with a green tack (Faber Castell multipurpose adhesive putty), I dabbed out as much as pigment I could from the flowers.
  4. Then, using a regular eraser I gently rubbed out the colors that didn’t come out with the tack. For the really dark colors, I used a battery powered eraser (Derwent).
  5. Since her hair is black, going over the spaces of the absent flowers was easy. I resisted the temptation to press hard with the browns and blacks.

I want to try flowers- in-the-hair again, not very soon though. Take care everyone. Till the next post, bye.


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