Sunday the 28th of May

The next step:


There were lots of individual white hairs (fur) overlapping the orange areas. I forgot to indent them and when I remembered I couldn’t be bothered 🙂 So I used gouache to do the work for me.


I was aware of those folds in the upper left corner when I started with the kitty but I ignored it. As the work progressed, the folds felt too visible to ignore. Normally, I wouldn’t use a paper with a fault except for sketches etc,. So now the fold is there, what’s a girl to do?

I used an iron. Honest! Set to low and ironed that corner, on the back side. Although I was terrified, it worked. The fold isn’t that noticeable now, is it? I lightened the image so you may be able to see the difference.

20170511_125520 copy

Cropped and ready:KITTYWPRESS

Still haven’t a title. Suggestions please 🙂







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