Friday the 19th of May

My latest: I wanted to try this one entirely in pastel but the dust and that sound pastel pencils make on paper…. I just couldn’t continue. (I love pastels and art done with them but the medium isn’t working for me.) So after the first layer, I started using colored pencils.
The reference picture had kitten sitting on fabrics. I opted to leave out the details of the fabric. How I started out with pastels:

The eye was mostly done with pastels. I used ultramarine blue, blue grey, black, dark umber, white. For the ears, the colors carmine, brown ochre, flesh and white were used.

Any suggestiions for a title?


Sunday the 8th of March

This is a 5″ x 7″ colored pencil piece done on Stonehenge paper with Prismacolors, Lyras and Faber Castell pencils. Wish you a very Happy Women’s DAY!

5" X 7", Coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper


Friday the 19th of September

This past April, I got a kitten – a tiny, female, persian-mix, separated slightly early from it’s mama. So it was a little hectic and crazy the past months.

And a few months ago I got a tin of Faber Castell Polychromos colored pencils. So here is a color swatch:


Click on the image to see the writing more clearly. With a few colors I did a comparison with Lyra (colored pencils):


And here are the reds:


I feel Lyras are a bit more rich and softer compared to Faber Castells which you will probably need to press down more. But they would be great to paint animals, fur especially. Just an opinion.

And here’s a quick sketch – I made the darks with a lot of pressure:-(


20140919_222503That’s the Faber Castell tin. Oh and that’s her peeking from behind – Michelle Capuccino, 5.5 months and totally fascinated by my art supplies!

See you next week!