Friday the 19th of May

My latest: I wanted to try this one entirely in pastel but the dust and that sound pastel pencils make on paper…. I just couldn’t continue. (I love pastels and art done with them but the medium isn’t working for me.) So after the first layer, I started using colored pencils.
The reference picture had kitten sitting on fabrics. I opted to leave out the details of the fabric. How I started out with pastels:

The eye was mostly done with pastels. I used ultramarine blue, blue grey, black, dark umber, white. For the ears, the colors carmine, brown ochre, flesh and white were used.

Any suggestiions for a title?


Thursday the 30th of July

I recently bought this (because I wanted to see if I could live without Strathmore and Stonehenge, which is only available for purchase online):


and decided to do a test run with graphite, colored pencil and water colors (because the paper says ‘ideal for pencil, ink, markers, watercolor). I cannot comment on how the paper is with markers.

Here is the graphite work I did on it:

With colored pencils, it may not take many layers like Stonehenge (I love you….) but you can get the work done. Everything was going well until I thought – “Hmmm….use watercolor for the background? It will be easier!” This is what happened:


As you may notice, the paper buckled (I used a light wash). Maybe it might take dry brush technique but not actual watercolor as the paper claims. I tried to straighten the paper out but it didn’t work. Maybe experienced water colorists can handle the situation? Moral of the story: Don’t take the easy way out and don’t spend bed time watching Youtube videos.

On a positive note, you can erase colored pencil quite nicely:


All this brings me to the main topic of this post – being an artist in Sharjah (miles away from exclusive art supply shops in Dubai) and being in love with more than one medium and not having a car. I love oils, watercolor, colored pencil, pastel and (gulp) a new love has taken seed – markers.

Oil painting supplies are readily available; there is a shop just 10 minutes away from my flat. For others, especially colored  pencils, I have to go to multiple shops and online. For a decent water color paper (and by decent I mean Arches, Fabriano etc,.) I have to spend Dhs 100- 200 for a taxi to Dubai. Just for a sheet of paper.

Online shopping gives you a lot of options especially with paper but can be expensive and leave you feeling guilty. As though I don’t have enough of that already!

I could just stick to oil painting considering the easy availability of the materials. Only that leaves me insatiated. I can’t seem to commit to one medium. I want to play around. Does that say something about me? Okay, easy now those who are poising to comment 🙂

Wanting to work in multiple mediums is fine, I guess, for the hobbyist. For the artist who wants to be a professional, committing to one or two mediums, at least for a time period, is not only efficient, it’s economical and time saving. This is just my opinion. Please feel free to write in if you are an artist in UAE in the same predicament or have a solution or even if you disagree.

There IS a solution to all this y’know – having a sugar daddy? But where’s the fun in that? I mean, if everything is easy, how will you get the drive to make a career as an artist 🙂





Sunday the 8th of March

This is a 5″ x 7″ colored pencil piece done on Stonehenge paper with Prismacolors, Lyras and Faber Castell pencils. Wish you a very Happy Women’s DAY!

5" X 7", Coloured pencil on Stonehenge paper